Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Advantages of Selenium RC

  • Loops and conditions are used for better Performance and Flexibility.
  • In Selenium RC we can read and write data from / to .xls , .txt etc.
  • Selenium RC can readily support new browsers.
  • Execution faster in Selenium RC compare to Selenium IDE.
  • Selenium RC can be used for any JavaScript enabled browser.
  • Selenium RC support for many operating systems and programming languages.
  • It can handle dynamic objects and Ajax based UI elements.
  • Selenium RC can support Data driven testing.

Disadvantages of Selenium RC

  • Selenium RC cannot handle on-load alerts.
  • Handling multiple window in Selenium RC is somewhat difficult.
  • There are very limited features in RC when working with AJAX based UI elements.
  • Inconsistent results and uses JavaScript.
  • It needs Selenium RC server to be running.


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